ICB published two articles in SCI journals

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Two journal articles wrote by the ICB faculty were recently published in “Applied Energy” (IF=7.9) and “Journal of Cleaner Production” (IF=5.7). This research was conducted by the researchers at ICB of China Agricultural University and University of Oxford. The first/ corresponding author is Chai, Li, who is a faculty at ICB. The co-authors at ICB include a faculty (Yan, Xianglin), and two UCD undergraduate students (Yang, Liu and Pang, Zhengqi).
This research identified the cooling technologies employed by 1072 coal-fired power stations in China, and adopted the input-output model to assess its life cycle water impacts. The impacts on water resources of electric vehicle development in China were also studied. The authors indicated that there exists a water risk that will be imposed by China’s increasing electricity demand in the future.
These two articles can be obtained for free by clicking the following links by November:

Assessing life cycle water use and pollution of coal-fired power generation in China using input-output analysisApplied Energy


Water resource impacts of future electric vehicle development in China, Journal of Cleaner Production


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