students AFFAIRS

Food & Shopping

There are three main dining halls and one Muslim dining hall on campus.

There are a variety of restaurants serving Western and Chinese food very near campus. Western restaurants within walking distance include McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Starbucks and Big Pizza. A Chinese restaurant on the second floor of the women’s dormitory is a favorite spot among both Chinese and internationals.

The closest supermarket is Merry Mart, which is located by the north gate. A small grocery store and several fruit and vegetable stands are located in the faculty residential area on campus.

The Wudaokou Clothing Market located in the Golden Towers at the southwest corner of campus offers a large variety of clothing and items for everyday use. Shenxi 8 Shopping Mall is located by the north gate. Hualian Shopping Mall is located in the Wudaokou area.

Student Societies

ICB Student Union

CAU Student Union

7 CAU public welfare societies

7 CAU theory and practice welfare societies

10 CAU science and technology societies

21 CAU culture and arts societies

14 CAU sports societies

Health & Dental Care

CAU on-campus clinic

Beijing University Number 3 Hospital (10 minutes by taxi)

Drugs stores outside the west and south gates

Jinma Dental in the Golden Towers

Peking University School of Stomatology 2nd Dental Center (20 minutes by taxi)

Sports Facilities

Basketball, volleyball and tennis courts on campus

Soccer field on campus

Badminton courts in the basement of the Olympic stadium

Zhangbei Fitness Center in the Golden Towers

Xijiao Hotel Gym (20 minutes on foot)


Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) outside west gate

Bank of China (BC) in Golden Towers;

China Construction Bank (CCB) outside west gate

ATMs of ABC and CCB near the bank branches and also on campus


Line 15 subway station outside south gate (planned for 2014)

Line 13 subway station at Wudaokou, about 20 minutes on foot

Line 10 subway station on Xueyuan Road, about 10 minutes by bus

Bus stops outside the south, west and north gates

Taxis available 24/7 at a cost of 2 RMB per kilometer

Sites to See

Bird’s Nest and Water Cube (30 minutes on foot)

National Olympic Forest Park (30 minutes on foot)

Summer Palace (30 minutes by taxi)

Fragrant Mountain (1 hour by taxi)


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