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China Agricultural University

China Agricultural University is one of the top key state universities in China and directly subordinated to the Ministry of Education. Its history dates from 1905 when it was established as the Agricultural Section of the Imperial University of Peking. CAU has two campuses, with a total area of 133 hectares. Over the past 100 years, CAU has developed into a research university with agriculture, life sciences and agricultural engineering as its feature and strength. The mission of the university is centered on health and nutrition of mankind by talent cultivation, technical innovation and social service.
The total number of students is about 20,000, including 4313 master students, 3013 doctoral students. CAU has 1640 highly qualified faculty members including:
5Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science; 
7 Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; 
598 Professors 
842 Associate Professors
16 Colleges:
Plant Protection
Animal Science & Technology
Biological Sciences
Economics& Management
Food Science &Nutritional Engineering
Humanities and Development Studies
Information and Electrical Engineering
Resources and Environmental Sciences
Veterinary Medicine
Water Resources& Civil Engineering
International College Beijing
Ideological and Political Education
CAU has 3 key state laboratories, 5 state research centers, 1 state field station and plus a number of ministerial laboratories, research centers. Key state laboratories cover Agro-Biotechnology, Animal Nutrition& Metabolism, and Plant Physiology & Biochemistry.
The disciplines of Agronomy, Botany &Zoology, Ecology/Environmental Sciences, Biology&Biochemistry, Chemistry, Microbiology, Engineering, Molecular Biology&Genetics and Social Science, General in CAU have been ranked ESI top 1%. While the disciplines of Agronomy, Botany & Zoology have been ranked ESI top 1‰.
U.S. News & World Report (2017) ranks CAU 423rd among the top 500 universities worldwide and 21st in China. When broken down by field, CAU is ranked 3rd in Agricultural Science for the first time.
In 2015 CAU’s research budget is about 1.1 billion RMB. The number of International Papers is 2085 (by 2015/12/31). 5 science&technology achievements has been granted with national science&technology awards in 2015, ranking 3rd among all universities in China. 21 research papers have been published in the internationally-renowned journals, such as SCIENCE, CELL, and NATURE, and NATURE GENETICS in 2015.
CAU consistently values international cooperation and exchanges. It has established partnership with 208 universities and institutes in 41 countries and regions. Initiated by Chinese and Foreign Governments, many international joint research centers was established, such as Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Center, Tanzania-China Joint Research Center and Joint Agricultural Innovation Park with University of West Indies St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago. Through these international cooperation, CAU set up many international education, research and training programs to help students enhance their global visions and international experiences.


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